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Chinese Sex Scandal With Beautiful Model 31

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Chinese Sex Scandal With Beautiful Model 31
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Being the only candidate to present a presentation at Miss Teen 2010 in the North, Phan Ngoc Anh made an impression when talking about "Youth and country." Top 20 is a worthy reward for her friend. There is special love for Hanoi.
"Do not ask what the Fatherland has done for me, but ask what I did for Fatherland today. Before you ask for something, try once putting your hand on your heart and asking: what have you done, how much have you devoted to society and how did you learn? " How Ngoc Anh expresses his thoughts on "Youth and country." The 19-year-old comes from the K29A1 Cultural Management, HV Press and Propaganda.
The most liked is to sit behind the car daddy
The first impression of JAV HD is the soft voice and the natural talk style. On the stage of Miss Teen, Ngoc Anh tenderly dressed in light floral dresses or dressed in national dress. Also on the lecture hall HV Newspaper and Propaganda, a simple girl with a shirt, jeans.
Being busy with the military semester but Ngoc Anh still spend time donating support to the flood in the Central. All the donated items, Ngoc Anh will gather for a friend of his Ha Tinh transferred to flood victims.
In Ngoc Anh there is the sentimentality of a girl who loves art. Since childhood, Ngoc Anh has been studying drawing, studying her, she also loves singing and writing. In 12th grade, Ngoc Anh received the third prize in the Olympics in Hoang Dieu High School and the prize for encouraging good students in the city. In the first semester of college, she also won a scholarship.
JAV HD Censored has deep love for Hanoi, the land where he was born and raised. Hanoi to Ngoc Anh is the day after the car daddy all the streets of the capital. Friends often tease and still cling to father but for me it is a simple happiness. On the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi, afternoon afternoon I often sit behind the car to see how the streets are decorated, feeling very interesting, "she shared.
Ngoc Anh loves the moments of listening to his mother singing JAV HD Uncensored and proud: "Mother convey the message to you!" Your brother is also a lover of literature, a writer in the newspaper.
This girl has very special interests compared to her peers. Ngoc Anh loves Trinh music, the song "Living in life needs a heart" always has a great impact on your soul.
And Ngoc Anh's childhood memories were her visits to JAV HD Streaming the pagoda, helping the temple clean up, scuffing and listening to her lecture on the word center. Now, she died, each time her family went to the temple on the holidays, Tet you remember the old image.
"Want to make a mark in your life"
There is a very unexpected thing that you have hidden family when submitting application for Miss Teen contest. Ngoc Anh said: "But before the first day, a thought suddenly appeared in me: If you do not convince the parents, then certainly will not be able to convince the jury. And then I bring my dream. tell your parents. My mother asked, "Do you have confidence?"
She smiled and said JAV HD Online, "If you agree, nothing else can stop you." Mom patted her shoulder: "You are big and try to decide the action of your life. Take the exam. " It seems that when given the belief, one will have a reason to do better. I want to make a mark in my life. "
Ha Thanh is also proud of: "This year Hanoi was honored to be the place where Miss Teen final. I will do my best to be a hospitable host. Hope you will remember forever about the capital with the elegant Trang An ".
Sharing the roadmap for his future, Ngoc Anh said: "In the third year of college, I will try to learn more advertising, this is the career that I want to pursue. Graduating from university, I want to study for a master's degree abroad, then return to Vietnam to live and work. "